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Rule and Terms:

1. The default link is connected to #8888 and neither executed as stock trading nor routing to Stock Exchange via any Intermediate. Collected information are for two-factor-authentication only and strictly confidential. For any enquiry, please call 23918816。

2. If you select your broker firm and use their assigned account number, the system will be able to route you order to the real market.

3. Please refer to qualified stock broker for real time stock price.

4. Stock price is available from

5. Any transaction done on #8888 with price matched with nominal price, your order will be executed by the system. If your entered stock price is far away from the nominal price, your order will be pending to be match according to market price changes. This type of order may be cancelled if the price is not reached till market closed. The order will not be carried on for the following trading days.

6. When the stock market is closed, this system will also be closed. This is for preparing back office processes such as printing statements. Usually, the system will be ready to accept order for the following trading day after 6:30pm. Please note that the market price will remain unchanged as the closing price. You can buy stock by entering other prices, and sell with other account for the same price in order to close the transaction. You may also leave it pending for the following trading day.

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